#102-How to Find Influencers to Explode Your Amazon Sales with Dan Fernandez


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Let’s face it, campaigns and launches are quite big to handle on our own especially when we don’t have a wide network. We definitely need a hand in promoting and getting our products reach more. That’s when influencer marketing comes in.

In Today’s episode, we are joined by Dan Fernandez of Tomoson- an influencer marketing platform to share with us everything we need to learn in engaging influencers in boosting Amazon sales.

In This Episode: [00:28] Welcoming Dan Fernandez on the show [02:11] What is Tomoson and what does it do? [04:50] step by step walkthrough on how Tomoson works [12:45] User/Influencers Data [15:05] How to tell which influencers are perfect for your campaigns. [18:45] 10% ratio doesn’t work for everyone. Here’s why. [19:50] How influencers can apply for a campaign under Tomoson [28:50] Giving influencers the direction. [34:25] Working with mommy influencers/bloggers works most of the time. [36:40] Hate Content Less means [42:15] How do you cope and deal with it?

Guest Links and References: WEBSITE: https://www.tomoson.com/

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