#106-Affiliate Marketing, Truth and Fiction with Nate McCallister


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On Today’s episode, we have one of my favorite bloggers, co-creator of 21-day blog challenge, EntreResource Blog creator that blogs about everything he knows and things he loves to share about ecom and everything.

Now, in this episode we are gonna dive deep into Affiliate Marketing. What you need to know, how to start, how to earn money from it, and how to be big with affiliate marketing are some juicy topics Nate shared with no holds barred. And here’s the news, affiliate marketing is not only for affiliate marketer. An average person with no experience can succeed and be a full time affiliate marketer and you are gonna hear everything about it in the show so, tune in!

With his book coming out at the end of this month, Nate shared what you can benefit from it which I myself is excited to have my hands on. You wouldn’t want to miss a second of this episode cause everything is nuggets after nuggets.

In This Episode:

[00:36] Welcome Nate to the show.

[01:20] Writing about the process in his blogs.

[02:50] The dunning kruger effect.

[05:30] Affiliate marketing according to Nate.

[09:45] Do you get money and how much realistically do you get from affiliate marketing?

[13:20] Nate talked about his upcoming book as being something evergreen and can learn from in future.

[15:00] Cornerstone

[15:50] Samples of niches to try.

[19:00] 80/20 principle.

[22:00] Dream host and what you need to know.

[27:00] Platform tracking.

[37:40] Delivering more when you’re earning more.

[43:30] Domains- linking the affiliate for more opportunities.

[44:23] Evergreen Affiliate marketing book is launching soon at $14.90

Guest Links and References:

WEBSITE: https://entreresource.com/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/entreresource/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/entreresource/

Book References:

Atomic Habits By: James Clear

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