#107-How To Use Google My Business To Build Your Ecom Brand with Norm Farrar


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In Today’s episode, we are going to talk about a powerful tool not many are aware of, Google my Business. Google My Business was launched in 2014 but not a lot of businesses know how to leverage it for more sales and rank.

We have today The Bearded Guy, Norm to educate us all with the power that is Google my business. He brilliantly talked about everything a newbie should know about GMB and how to optimize it and use it for your business’ advantage. He’ll walk you through on starting GMB, getting ranked by Google and the authorities it gives you to access all your URLs in one single platform. These and more if you tune in.

In This Episode:

[00:39] Welcome for the 4th time on the show, Norman Farrar.

[01:20] Google My Business according to Norm.

[02:38] How Google my Business helps your business.

[06:10] Anchor URL

[07:00] GMB is FREE and other features that are also free.

[08:55] Ranking your products with photos and descriptions

[10:30] Traffic can go up over 1000%

[12:55] Google suggests keywords for you.

[14:00] Verifying your address.

[15:30] How Google gets you ranked.

[18:00] Types of keywords to use to pick up speed to rank.

[22:00] What else can you do with GMB?

[23:20] Step by step posting in GMB.

[27:35] Uploading keywords to reach photos.

[29:00] What else can you upload and get ranked?

[30:50] Insights by GMB.

[31:00] Repurposing your posts and reviews.

[33:00] Saving thousands of dollars with GMB.

[33:50] 100% organic ranking

[35:40] Should you do it yourself or get someone to do GMB for you?

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