108: Whoever has the highest energy wins


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Welcome to Woman Leadership show. I'm Janet Aisyah and in this episode, I will be sharing with you on whoever has the highest energy wins.
- I was often told by friends and ex colleagues that I have amazing energy
- In School, I would join few CCA , was head prefect and manage my studies
- In corporate, I would join committees, manage projects and work at the same time/
- After married, will have to manage family and work priorities , learning and building side hustle
- When I was travelling for work with young children, colleagues could not travel or reach office on time

Key Takeaways
- Do what others are not willing to do
- Be open to experiences, nothing to lose
- Know what are our priorities so we do not let other unimportant matters fill up our calendar and time
- Big rocks and small pebbles

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- I look forward to seeing you in my next episode where I will be sharing with you tips and ways to realize your full potential as a leader on Woman Leadership.





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