67: Why do people don't invest in themselves - Part 2


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Welcome to Woman Leadership show. I'm Janet Aisyah and in this episode, I will be sharing with you about why do people don’t invest in themselves.

People around them do not support them. Who you hang out with is important.

My ex manager who recommended me a book to read
Beautician – who has shared with me about financial planning information

Friends who spend and ask you to pay

Choose who you want to spend your time with learning and improving yourself s you will be spending your time with.

I hope that through my sharing, it draws inspiration and personal reflection for you. I believe every woman can be a leader in your own way. Connect with me through Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

My links will be in the show notes.

I look forward to seeing you in my next episode where I will be sharing with you tips and ways to realize your full potential as a leader on Woman Leadership.

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