73: Signs of Burnout


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I came from single parent family, only child and stayed with cousins, grandparents and aunties/uncles.
I had to work, study, do household chores and looking after my cousins.

School where I used my energy in activities as prefect, track and field, speech and drama, president of interact club

As I have 3 young kids, I had to manage work, kids and helper at home while learning as parent and leader at work.
Last 5 years when mum had Parkinson and bedridden.
There were times when I almost had burnout feeling exhausted and challenging having so many responsibilities to take care.

Key Takeaways-
- Get support from family and friends
- Take time out for oneself
- Journal
- Mentor and coach

I hope that through my sharing, it draws inspiration and personal reflection for you. I believe every woman can be a leader in your own way. Connect with me through Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.
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