As we mark our 75th anniversary, how do you feel about equality in 2021? Your chance to have your say


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To mark our 75th anniversary last week we commissioned a poll to explore how you feel about equality in 2021 and how much progress you believe women have made since the first episode of Woman’s Hour was broadcast in 1949 Over two thirds of the women we spoke to said it was down to experiences of sexual exploitation and abuse while three while three quarters put it down to inequality within their homes because of the unfair division of housework.. What your reality? At the heart of our Poll the gap between the equality the law says we should have as women and the reality of our lives. How's your life compare to that of your mother or grand mother? How do you think we can achieve equality both in the home and in the workplace... What would help? Is more flexibility in the workplace and the same rewards as your male colleagues the answer. Or is the lack of childcare or help with older relatives that you care for the thing that's holding you back? What change or changes would you most like to see over the next 75 years? Lines are open at 8am on Monday morning. Text us on 84844 . On social media it’s @BBCwomanshour or you can email us via our website . Presenter Emma Barnett Producer Beverley Purcell

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