Christmas Parties, Afghan Families in Hotels, Hypothalamic Amenorrhea


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Allegra Stratton has found herself at the centre of a political storm. ITV footage shows her rehearsing a TV news conference and dealing with tricky questions about Christmas parties during covid lockdowns. Staff are laughing and joking. We speak to political journalist Pippa Crerar, who broke the original story of the Downing Street party as well as other gatherings. We also get reaction from Jo Lawrence who has a catering company, and whose Mum sadly died of covid last year. We talk about women in chess with Woman Grandmaster and nine time British woman's chess champion Jovanka Houska and Aga Milewska, Director of Women’s Chess at the English Chess Federation. An Afghan mum, who's in a hotel with her family, is having to move to her third hotel since she got here a few months ago. We find out what life is like for her and her children, and speak to Judith Dennis from The Refugee Council about why this constant moving is happening. We hear from Tanya Borg whose daughters are still in Libya, after their father took them there in 2015. She said: "It breaks my heart. Why is nobody doing anything? I'm going to try and get them back until I die." Tanya was granted full custody by British and Libyan courts, but the girls are still missing and thought to be with their grandmother. The writer, musician and mum of three, Izzy Judd, tells us about her past disordered eating and obsession with 'clean' diets which she believes were problems when she was trying to get pregnant. Dr Fatima Husain, a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, explains more about the condition of Hypothalamic Amenorrhea.

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