Sabina Nessa, Fertility Warnings, Flexible Working


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Police Minister, Kit Malthouse, talks to Woman's Hour about violence towards women in the light of Sabina Nessa's murder. We talk to him about the funding and strategies that were promised to how the police will act at Friday's evening vigil for Sabina. We speak to Professor Adam Balen, a consultant in reproductive Medicine at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, about why he thinks it's a good idea to have special messages in contraceptive packages advising people not to leave it too late if they want a baby. We discuss flexible working and how it really works in practice. At the moment when you've lasted 26 weeks in your job you have the right to request flexible working, but now there are government plans to let you make that request from day one. We speak to Emma Stewart from Timewise who wants those plans to go even further and to Leanne Skelton who runs a nursery and worries that more flexibility will be a logistical nightmare. And we speak to two women who love gaming, but say there's some alarming and worrying abuse towards women and non-white gamers. They are Shay Thompson, a gaming journalist and presenter as well as Cassie Hughes who's the co-founder of Black Twitch UK.

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