ADHD Bri: Doodling and the inattentive brain


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Episode 22 with ADHD Bri.

"I think ADHDers often get treated like they’re immature. We need to have more respect when explaining how ADHD works."

Bri started drawing her comics last year after receiving a late diagnosis of predominately inattentive ADHD at the age of 29. Upon learning about ADHD, she felt like her whole world started to make sense.

Already a freelance illustrator by trade, Bri began writing down scenarios and drawing doodles in order to process all the new information and how it applied to her life, and eventually moved on to creating her popular comics.

ADHD Bri is not the only illustrator to have amassed a large following on Twitter and Instagram, so we talk about visual learning and why those of with ADHD seem to relate to and respond so enthusiastically to comics, memes, TikTok videos, etc., in our own journeys of self-discovery during and after our ADHD diagnoses.

We also talk about anxiety, something Bri addresses a lot in her comics. Bri’s sister was diagnosed with ADHD in childhood, but it was overlooked in Bri because she was the quiet and well-behaved sister. We talk about how growing up as “the good sibling” with parents who were preoccupied with her hyperactive sibling led to a lot of responsibility at a young age, which in turn fostered her anxiety.

I think a lot of you late diagnosis listeners who were quiet, well-behaved daydreamers and doodlers in childhood will definitely relate to Bri’s story. Enjoy!


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