Nicole DeMasi: Perfectionism, interoception & the dieting trap


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Episode 43 with Nicole DeMasi.

"I woke up one morning and I was so frustrated with myself. I googled 'Why can't I concentrate?' and ADHD popped up. I read an article and I just burst into tears."

Nicole DeMasi, MS, RDN, CDCES, is a registered dietitian & certified diabetes educator who provides 1:1 nutrition coaching to help people with ADHD stop dieting, stop binge eating & improve their relationship with food & their bodies. She helps identify the connection between lifestyle habits, diet, stress, & mindset to make sustainable, long-term changes.

Her 1:1 coaching program gives a step by step system specifically for people with ADHD. She has also put together an amazing free training video and a downloadable 9-step framework, so make sure to go get those over at

Nicole and I talk all about perfectionism and how often we get in our own way — in fact, Nicole’s over-the-top perfectionism while planning her wedding and subsequent burnout that led to her getting her official ADHD diagnosis.

We also talk about how ADHD and restrictive diets are a toxic combination, the dangers of apps like Noom, why so many of us binge eat, our struggles with interoception and listening to our bodies and why planning can be so key when it comes to eating.


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