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Consuelo Mack of Wealth Track on PBS joins the show today to elaborate on the effects of the non-discriminatory Coronavirus. She expects to see two economic waves from this, and the second has yet to hit. Find out where she, unlike many others, recommends that you invest.

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] Yes, this pandemic is non-discriminating, but a great takeaway is how lucky we are in America. Now is a time for most to reevaluate their personal, and professional lives.

[4:00] Expecting two waves in the economy. First, the shock and stop. Second, the aftershock and termination of employees.

[5:00] Cash reserves are extremely valuable in times of crisis.

[6:00] Cash is not trash!

[7:45] The value of liquidity can not be underestimated at times like this.

[12:00] People are already taking action to leave high-density areas.

[17:20] Reverse mortgages

[23:15] What role does FinTech play in all of this?





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