83: CMBS Loans, Recession vs. Pandemic, 1st Service Solutions, Founder Ann Hambly


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Sharon Lechter talks CMBS loans with the founder and CEO of 1st Service Solutions, Ann Hambly. Ann has a wealth of knowledge in commercial real estate and investing. Today, she talks a little bit about 1st Service Solutions. As well, Ann discusses some of the changes seen in commercial real estate trends since COVID-19 hit. She also gives significant comparisons to the 2008 recession and some insight into what you should be investing in now.

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] Ann Hambly explains the business, 1st Service Solutions.

[2:30] How has commercial real estate responded to COVID-19

[4:30] Technology has moved to virtual shopping, and the pandemic has accelerated that shift.

[7:45] CMBS Loans are all non-recourse; the only thing that the lender gets in default is the property.

[8:40] The 2008 recession was precipitated on over-aggressive lending, while this current 2020 recession is COVID-19 related.

[12:20] Sharon poses the question, "What should people be looking for in investment opportunity given the pandemic?"

[16:00] Distressed deals are becoming readily available.

[19:00] Multi-family housing is likely to maintain a pretty steady course as "everyone needs a home."






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