#1278 Music by Ruth & Emilia, Peggy Atwood, Marcia Taylor, Carol Nicodemi, Melani Skybell, Harriet Reynolds, Xanthe Alexis, Louise Wisechild, Joanie Calem, Mel Broussard, Dr. Patricia Lutfy, Hardware Girls


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Be The Change

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This show includes the following songs:

Ruth & Emilia - Repair the World FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Peggy Atwood - Wake Up FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Marcia Taylor - Be the Change

Carol Nicodemi - Remembered FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Melani Skybell - Stay Awake FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Harriet Reynolds - Stand With Me FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Xanthe Alexis - Siren FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Louise Wisechild - El Espiritu de la Gente FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Joanie Calem - Crazy Dreams FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Mel Broussard - Angels Arise FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Dr. Patricia Lutfy - Make a Change For Animals FOLLOW ON YOUTUBE

Hardware Girls - Dance Up The Power FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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