Humans of Jeju: 'Lee Jung-seop' and 'Hyeon Jung-hwa'


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For centuries Jeju has been an artistic inspiration for many artists. Humans of Jeju prepared special stories of those artists who loved Jeju and left great works of art that goes down in history. In the first episode, reporter Jae will introduce two artists: painter Lee Jung-seop and calligraphist Hyeon Jung-hwa. During the hardships of Korean War, artist Lee Jung-seop and his family spent the happiest time with the family in Jeju Island. The artist’s happiness living with his family can be seen through his paintings. Calligraphist Hyeon Jung-hwa was born in Jeju Island and went abroad to Japan to learn calligraphy. Coming back to his hometown, he continues to build upon his career until he passes away. Let’s look into the life of two artists who represent Jeju Island.

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