Humans of Jeju: 'Kim Young-gap' and 'Kang Goo-bum'


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For centuries Jeju has been an artistic inspiration for many artists. Humans of Jeju prepared special stories of those artists who loved Jeju and left great works of art that goes down in history. In the second episode, reporter Jae will introduce two artists: Photographer Kim Young-gap and Entrepreneur Sir ‘Gidang’ Kang Goo-bum Photographer Kim Young-gap fell in love with the untouched nature of Jeju Island. He settled in Jeju and spent his life capturing the beauty of Jeju Island. Even though, he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, he tranformed an abandoned elementary school to ‘Kim Young Gap Gallery Dumoak’ while fighting his illness. Sir ‘Gidang’ Kang Goo-bum left to Japan and became a successful businessman from nothing. Never forgetting about his hometown, he came back to make impact on the development of Jeju Island. Let’s listen to their stories.

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