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In this episode WrestleHorror hosts, Donnie Hoover,"Meathook" Jim Millspaugh, and John Orlando talk with, former WWE Head Trainer, Dr. Tom Prichard.

Listen in as Dr. Tom shares some great stories, and knowledge, with the guys about his early days in the wrestling business. Dr. Tom talks about his time in Continental Championship Wrestling, United States Wrestling Association, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and WWF/WWE. They also get into some Heavenly Bodies and Bodydonna's talk, as well as, the famous feud with "The Dirty White Boy" Tony Anthony.

They also get into Dr. Tom's current projects, which is his book ("A Pro Wrestling Curriculum: Advice, Suggestions, and Stories To Help The Aspiring Pro Get To The Next Level),as well as, his partnership with Glen Jacobs (Kane) in running their pro wrestling school, the Jacobs-Prichard Wrestling Academy, out of Knoxville, TN, his podcast called "Takin You To School", and his live training's on the Snake Pit Pro Facebook Group.

Buy Dr. Tom Prichard's Book - A Pro Wrestling Curriculum; Advice, suggestions and stories to help the aspiring Pro get to the next level

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