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ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Mindset Mike Moor is a former D1 Athlete & FBI. He is a certified Crisis Negotiator that has merged his expertise and passion for wrestling. Mindset Mike now trains the top Wrestling, MMA and Sales Executives in the world. It's easy to see how he gets the results from his energy and passion to improve.

Episode Time Stamps

1:30 Intro

4:00 Why do we lack mindset

5:35 Simone Biles Take

9:25 Matt Brown train all the muscles

10:30 Intentionally Training Confidence

11:48 Valiant School

13:30 Dylan Fishback

17:00 Get to opportunity

22:10 2 HS Juniors at Olympic Trial Finals

24:24 Ego

26:50 Cael Knows

29:00 Competition Opportunity

30:00 Dundee H.S.

38:35 Burnett Trained & Ohio wrestling

40:35 3 Levels of Clients

44:20 Bottom line smart parents

45:30 James Gallagher -Bellator- The best version of Self

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