IGEL Weekly: How to Check if IGEL UMS Profiles are Applied


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In this video, Sebastian Perusat will walk you through the steps to verify and troubleshoot if the IGEL UMS Profiles you created are being applied to the IGEL OS client.

Presented by Sebastian Perusat, IGEL Community FELLOW.

In this video, Sebastien will teach you how to:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:30 Assign a setting
  • 02:55 Status Bar of commands
  • 03:30 Not retrieved settings (next reboot a.e.)
  • 04:00 Check the local config in UMS
  • 05:45 Check the local config in IGEL OS
  • 06:30 What when who assigned it
  • 08:40 Create a view for pending configurations
  • 09:20 Check which UMS holds the device
  • 09:20 Check which UMS holds the device
  • 10:30 Check which UMS holds the device in IGEL OS

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-Host: Chris Feeney
Co-Host: Seb Perusat

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