On the Horizon: Horizon Universal Broker and Multi-Cloud Assignments: Keys to success with VMware Horizon


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When designing a hybrid and multi-cloud desktop virtualization platform like VMware Horizon, one of the main challenges is building a single platform that can be deployed in multiple locations without making it feel like you’re managing multiple different environments. After all, organizations don’t want to be in the business of managing multiple desktop virtualization silos. They want one desktop virtualization platform that can deliver desktops in multiple ways.

Threading that needle is something VMware has put a huge amount of effort into, and with the Horizon Control Plane Services like Cloud Monitoring, Image Management and Simplified Application Management, we’ve shown we’re up to the task. But to truly achieve that one-platform-for-all-uses vision, you must be able to simplify and unify assigning and accessing virtual desktops and applications. That is where VMware Horizon Universal Broker comes in, and it’s what today’s blog is about.

This week, we’re also announcing the expansion of several Horizon Control Plane services to additional cloud providers. I’m excited to note that Horizon Universal Broker is now available for VMware Horizon on Azure VMware Solution (AVS) environments. You can head to our overview blog and press release for more information.
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