The Citrix Session: Citrix and Chrome OS: Secure, seamless access to all your apps, for all your employees


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Citrix and Chrome OS are joining forces to enable greater employee productivity through secure and seamless access to all your apps apps and the internet for all your employees everywhere, all while reducing the burden on IT. Chrome OS devices are providing an increasing number of organizations with built-in security functions and simpler device management. Citrix and Chrome OS devices broaden the variety of available apps and adds multi-layer cybersecurity protection for users everywhere.

The partnership between Citrix and Chrome OS will deliver IT modernization that spans from endpoint devices to enterprise security architecture to apps. This will empower employees to be more productive, while protecting the enterprise against increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats.
Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-Host: Bill Sutton
Co-Host: Ben Rogers
Guest: Akshay Kakar

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