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Episode 77 is about how to shift your money mindset, build your net-worth in alignment with your Self, and crush your money goals as a woman of color.

Bernadette Joy is a Filipina Financial Rockstar & Founder & CEO of CRUSH Your Money Goals®, a financial education and media company busting the myths of traditional personal finance to teachyou how to pay off debt, save for what matters and build real wealth [not fake Instagram rich].

Bernadette Joy and her husband went from 6 figures in debt to working towards their first $1M of net worth. Overwhelmed and ignored by traditional finance, she learned not just to talk the talk. She walks the walk, having paid off over $300,000 of debt in three years.

Dubbed her “magic recipe” by Good Morning America, she’s shared her trademarked five-step Crush Your Money Goals® method as a contributor for CNBC, TIME, and multiple TV and podcast shows.

You can follow Bernadette on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can also check out her podcast here.

Episode 77 Highlights:

  • Identifying why we spend money
  • Developing a positive money mindset
  • The highs and lows of debt-payoff journeys
  • Investing while continuing to pay off debt
  • Balancing self-worth with net-worth

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We love this episode because Bernadette doesn’t talk about personal finance through the lens of the traditional industry. She talks about it through the lens of a woman of color, women who don’t come from privilege. This is the kind of personal finance advice we want to follow. Listen to episode 77 on your favorite streaming platform and start to crush your money goals today!

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