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Episode 84 is about pursuing financial independence and making the journey worthwhile. Listen to hear how Jessica from the Fioneers defines Slow FI and has designed a life she loves.

Jessica is a Co-Founder of The Fioneers, an award-winning financial independence blog focused on the intersection between financial independence and lifestyle design. The couple has worked in non-profits for most of their careers. They found themselves caught in the cycle of living for the weekend and knew they needed to make a change, but they weren’t interested in the ideas of self-deprivation and extreme frugality that many people associate with the FIRE movement. They discovered that there is another way to live through the conception of financial independence and Slow FI.

After leaving her 9-5 to pursue entrepreneurship, Jessica is now a writer and lifestyle design coach who provides coaching and courses on career discovery and lifestyle design for people who want to take unconventional paths and design lives they love.

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Episode 84 Highlights:

  • Slow FI
  • What scarcity mindset can look like
  • Work as part of the life that we choose
  • Financial self care

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Episode 84 with Jessica will leave you feeling inspired to make some changes in your life. If you are not waking up everyday ready and excited for what’s to come, you are missing out on the journey. Remember, pursuing financial independence does not mean you have to be miserable! Listen to this full episode to remind yourself of this.

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