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Araceliz Gomes is the creator of The Latina Investor, a platform dedicated to educating Gen-Z and Millennials on personal finance, investing and entrepreneurship. She is creating a vibrant movement of diverse individuals who are ready to stand in their power when it comes to all things mindset and money! Aracelis created The Latina Investor after realizing how unprepared she was to handle personal finances after graduating college.

In Episode 87, Araceliz talks about:

  • Inheriting toxic money beliefs— as first generation wealth-builders, the examples we had growing up of how to manage money may not actually be helpful in our wealth-building journey. Maybe they were even filled with a lot of pain and hardship. It’s important to identify these inherited beliefs so that we do not let them govern our journeys. Listen to hear how Araceliz identified these in her own life.
  • How a resistance to rest might be a sign of inherited trauma— as a platform that advocates for diversifying your income streams, we are no strangers to hustle culture. It is very easy to let the hustle mentality take over our whole lives. Did you ever stop to wonder where you got this mindset from? Hustling isn’t inherently a problem; it only becomes a problem when we do not know how to rest.
  • Machismo in money talk— raise your hand if you’ve ever been talked back to after you questioned a man’s decisions with communal money. Some of what Araceliz had to unlearn came from witnessing this in her own family.
  • Practical steps to starting your financial journey— Araceliz’ first tip is to start the work of unlearning inherited money traumas. After this, she goes into explaining things like toxic debt, index funds, investment accounts, and more.
  • Why she invests while still carrying student loans— on the show, we’ve had people on both ends! Listen to hear Araceliz’ reason for continuing to invest despite still having student loans.

We hope this episode gives you the start you need to begin working on your mental and emotional health while pursuing your financial goals. This episode is filled with so many truth-bombs; we are so excited for you all to listen!

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