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Eliza Diop, AKA Ellie Talks Money is a business coach based in Los Angeles, CA. Ellie has extensive experience in Sales, Management, and Leadership Development. At 25 years old, she was leading a team of 100 people as director of sales for a financial institution. In July 2020, amidst a job loss and divorce, Ellie started her business out of necessity.

By providing resources to start an online business and earn money online, she has empowered thousands of women and has grown her Instagram following from less than 500 people to over 100,000 in 7 months.

In 10 months, after starting her business with $1200 of stimulus money, she has made $1.3 million and counting. Ellie is passionate about teaching other women and moms how to start their businesses and scale them up to 7-figures and beyond.

You can follow Ellie on Instagram.

Episode Highlights:

  • Different ways to monetize your social media
  • What she did to grow her Instagram following to over 100K people in 7 months
  • How to create value for your audience on social media
  • How she makes money online
  • How to leverage your corporate experience to start a business
  • The struggles of being a first-generation wealth builder
  • Why it’s important to have a side hustle or business to prevent you from being without a stream of income
  • How to build business credit & accessing BIPOC business grants
  • and so much more!

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