#13 YOGA YAY With guest Jeanne Edelen. She talks about ODC and ADD. How yoga plays such a bit part of her life. And about removing her breast implants.


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I have been teaching yoga for over 8 years and I can honestly say, it has done so much for me personally and professionally. But two unexpected benefits came in the form of helping me with my anxiety, ADD and OCD, and how it connected me further with my daughter, Sage. Like a lot of folks out there, I wanted to become a yoga teacher because I knew I wanted to be involved in health & wellness (and well, you know, lift my bum a bit), but I quickly found that every time I met myself on the mat, my anxiety, ADD, and OCD were deeply impacted in the best way possible. While I used to self-medicate with alcohol to cope with my neuroses, (which ended in disastrous results in my personal life), when I found yoga, it was like breaking to the surface and finding that first gulp of sweet, fresh air. And what a difference 8 years has made.

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