32. David Greenman Discusses The New Pornographers, Electric Version


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Actor/writer David Greenman (Gilmore Girls, Bones, About Last Night) introduces me to the Canadian supergroup, The New Pornographers, and their second album, Electric Version. In addition to discussing this album, we talked about The New Pornographers’ upcoming tour, David’s love of 80s music and the projects he has been working on recently.

Correction: I had talked about how a couple of extra beats were added during the track, From Blown Speakers. I had said they came at the beginning of the pre-chorus, but they are actually right before the chorus.

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1:18 David joins the show

2:07 David has been working on a pair of interesting projects

4:19 David’s favorite music growing up was a cross-section of everything that was big in the ‘80s

6:33 Every song on Electric Version is an earworm for David

7:21 David discovered New Pornographers through a community that traded live recordings

9:51 Why David chose Electric Version for this episode

12:37 David considered discussing other albums for this show

13:30 Al’s shameful admission about his record collection

14:26 Al considers a change of format for the show

15:36 Al reveals whether he liked Electric Version

17:04 Al and David don’t always understand the meaning of the lyrics on Electric Version

Track by track breakdown

18:42 The Electric Version

25:27 From Blown Speakers

28:12 Which of the upcoming New Pornographers’ live shows does David recommend Al to go to?

30:04 The Laws Have Changed

33:02 The End of Medicine

37:28 Loose Translation

39:51 Chump Change

44:33 All For Swinging You Around

47:08 The New Face of Zero and One

51:59 Testament to Youth in Verse

54:17 It’s Only Divine Right

56:31 Ballad of a Comeback Kid

58:27 July Jones

59:42 Miss Teen Wordpower

1:04:17 David thinks Electric Version is the best album for starting an exploration of The New Pornographers’ catalog

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