Ep. 95-Christophe Zajac-Denek Is Really, Really A Big Deal!


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Christophe and I met in an online mixer for podcasters early on in the pandemic and immediately connected.
This guy is awesome... We developed a total bromance!
He has a mini-documentary about his life, is a surfing addict, professional drummer, journalist, audio story producer, actor, stuntman, entertainer, businessman.
He toured the US and Europe for 6 years and opened up for Iggy Pop, Motion City Soundtrack, My Chemical Romance, Ok GO, and more.
In the TV world he has worked on or acted in Twin Peaks, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Oz: The Great And Powerful, Fresh Off The Boat, My Dinner With Herve, and Insidious 4.
Oh and before I forget, he is also is the host of I'm Kind Of A Big Deal Podcast.
Here is the kicker, Christophe is only 4’4” tall due to a rare form of dwarfism called Cartlidge Hair Hypoplasia.
He powerfully sheds light on how short-statured people navigate an environment not made for them, what struggles they face, and why it’s important to hear stories from their perspective.
But one thing is true about him, he is a really big deal!
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