345: Something new, THOUSANDS of days in a row (w/ Piper Thibodeau)


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Piper Thibodeau a former full-time character designer for DreamWorks TV and a freelance designer. Her clients include DreamWorks TV, Nickelodeon, Intel, Sesame Street and GameLoft.

In a self-imposed challenge, she has created a new painting every day before midnight since 2012.

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In this episode, Piper discusses:

-How she started her daily painting challenge (which she has kept up with for seven years and counting).

-Getting professional illustration work from Nickelodeon Jr and Dreamworks Television while still in school.

-Some of the initial setbacks she encountered during her daily painting challenge.

-Her attempt to not go “stale” by switching it up between illustrations, character designs and pun drawings.

-Her advice for anyone wanting to start a daily challenge.

-The value of having an “offline” reference library for yourself.

-Her resistance of schedule conflict and how she gets past it.

-Her advice for aspiring freelance illustrators.

-The experience of creating Dragon Draw.

Piper's Final Push will inspire you to surround yourself with a project! Quotes:

“I find that when I start to Google, it is very easy to get distracted.”

“I think that ideally you just want to have a peaceful slot in the day for you to work so that it doesn’t become a burden in any way.”

“I’m like a light switch. I’m either all in on something or I’m a complete and utter mess.”

“Learning skills is easier when you apply it to an actual project.”

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