346: Breathe in, breathe out (w/ Adam Paquette)


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Adam Paquette is a painter from Australia, currently living in Berlin. He has been creating artwork for Magic: the Gathering since 2009 and in that time has illustrated over 250 cards.

He also works with Sterling Hundley for Legendeer, which aims to be the connection between a life well-lived and the creative process.

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In this episode, Adam discusses:

-The literary and verbal emphasis from his childhood.

-How he first got involved with Wizards of the Coast.

-Why he is living in Berlin and how it brings out his artistic side.

-His shifting frame of reference from the mind to the body.

-The cyclic way in which our location informs our art and mindset and vice versa.

-Breathing in and breathing out in terms of input and output.

-The various disconnects that artists encounter and the concept of the “embedded artist.”

-Legendeer and working with Sterling Hundley.

-The idea of transparent studios.

-What Antonio Lopez taught him about the pointlessness of art.

-Dealing with perfectionism and overplanning.

-Balancing personal and professional work and learning to say “no.”

Adam's Final Push will encourage you to delete your inspiration folder and start following the questions that burn a fire inside of you! Quotes:

“What this city brings out in me creatively makes me trust that it’s where I’m meant to be.”

“People ask, where do you get your ideas? and I say, where can I hide from my ideas? Where can I get a break?

“Art is that thing that you do when you are wholeheartedly, innocently and earnestly investigating life.”

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