347: The Art (and Mattress Tag) Police (w/ Djamila Knopf)


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Djamila Knopf is an independent artist and Schoolism instructor based in Leipzig, Germany.

She creates illustrations that evoke a sense of wonder and nostalgia, and primarily focuses on personal projects. She believes that art is a unique accumulation of experiences, beliefs and aesthetics. That's why, when you look at her work, you might catch a glimpse of the summers she spent strolling through the woods and fields around her grandparents' garden, and you might also see her love for Japanese animation.

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In this episode, Djamila discusses:

-How she was given the feeling that her art was not “proper” and how that made her stop drawing for a long period of time.

-Finding a balance when she first became a professional artist.

-The moment she discovered the way in which she could sell her own work.

-Her advice for people who are considering selling their own work online.

-The mentality of using a “pay what you what” policy on Patreon.

-Sharing the learning process on your Instagram feed, especially when you are just starting out.

-How she curates her Instagram feed.

-The case for visual artists to share their work on Twitter.

-Where she finds inspiration.

-How she curates her collection of inspiration.

-The way in which she starts her drawings through writing.

-What a typical day and week looks like for her (and the current week’s breakdown).

-The accountability of timers.

-Knowing when to stop working for the day.

-What people can expect from her Schoolism course, “Catching Lightning.”

Djamila's Final Push will inspire you to be yourself and pursue your creativity in your own way! Quotes:

“I always had the idea that what I was doing was not proper art and wrong, so I stopped drawing for a long time.”

“Since I started getting into environments and landscapes a bit more, it feels like the whole world opened up to me.”

“I think it is easier to form an idea before you start to draw it.”

“My attention span is four hours long for painting and then I start to feel weird, my head gets mushy and I have to stop.”

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