348: Navigating changes in the world and ourselves (w/ Alatar)


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Alatar is a nonbinary artist and mystic weirdo from Nashville, Tennessee. They enjoy drawing figurative erotic art, and see their artistic practice as one facet of a spiritual practice which draws them ever closer to their authentic self. Their mission is to enchant and inspire the world with every breath.

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In this episode, Alatar discusses:

-How they are dealing with the initial Coronavirus quarantine.

-The problems that Youngman has recently gone through.

-The Rat Park Experiment and how it relates to addiction.

-How easy it is to be negative and pessimistic in difficult times.

-Working with Shamanic practitioner Chiron Armand in “soul retrieval.”

-How their “shadow part” took the form of Anakin Skywalker.

-The light side versus the dark side in everything.

-The positive and negative aspects of the drive that we find in ourselves.

-How we sometimes have to play out the narrative and hit our rock bottom.

-Making compromises with your art.

-How we as creative people need to decide what world we want to live in after the Coronavirus pandemic.

-What made minimalism “bioavailable” to them.

-Discovering what kinds of strophic cascade.

-How this is the perfect time for experimentation in your art and to also hone your skills and touch up your “problem areas.”

Alatar's Final Push will inspire you to dream a better world and show us what it looks like with your art! Quotes:

“You don’t have to try to be a negative piss baby.”

“Healing and growing past the things that damaged us is incredibly hard.”

“I felt like something was behind me, whipping me.”

“The conditions of the world as they were before this outbreak – is that really what we want to get back to? Or can we dare to start dreaming of a better world?”

“If anything needs to die, it’s that veneer that we all put on, that perfectly curated self that we put on for the world.”

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