354: The Evolve Artist Program Review (w/ Mitch Bowler)


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Mitch Bowler is the founder of Pencil Kings and cofounder of The Evolve Artist Program.

He is an expert in remote art production, having spent a decade building AAA Art Studios in Shanghai, China. Through Evolve, he is realizing his dream to make serious art education accessible and affordable worldwide.

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In this episode, Mitch discusses:

-What he’s been up to in the four years since he was last on the show.

-Some of the log jams that he encountered in his creative journey.

-Why he is so willing to help other people in their creative pursuits.

-An introduction to the Evolve Artist Program.

-How typical art schools cost too much money and take too much time, yet a “YouTube education” lacks direction, a roadmap, or guaranteed results.

-How Evolve Artist guarantees that someone at any level of art ability will create professional work by the end of the program.

-How long it takes the average student to finish the coursework.

-The guarantee that each student will get professional results, but there is no ceiling to how far they can take their new skills.

-The type of one-on-one feedback that students get from their instructor.

-What Evolve students can expect in terms of turning in assignments and receiving the included materials and supplies.

-The fast turnaround time of two or three hours for instructor feedback.

Mitch’s Final Push will encourage you to look back at the progress that you made in the last year and weigh that against the place you want to be a year from now. Quotes:

“When you help other people, it creates new future possibilities.”

“Everyone gets phenomenal results with Evolve, but there’s room for you to push things even higher.”

“Our goal for each student is that they are improving about five percent with each assignment.”

“As a student, you’re expected to make mistakes and it’s okay to make mistakes. In fact, if you weren’t making mistakes, something is probably strange.”

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