Let Them Eat Cake


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If you’re eating at the start of this episode, maybe don’t. We chat chili and beets and how they both look coming out the other end. Also, summer is almost over and we’re almost to Christmas, so that’s exciting. In case you’re not keeping track, this episode is number 169... wink wink. Your hosts take a deep dive in the Paradise fire, and by the war, it was Wells’ idea to throw the cake in the fire. You’re welcome, America. They talk Mari, Kenny, Demi, the Boom Boom room, and ask the important questions, like how many songs one has to write on the beach to get a rose. (Looking at you Connor). Also, what the heck is He’s All That, who the heck is Addison Rae, and why do women insist on checking excessive baggage? All this and more, as always YFTers! Enjoy!

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