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Wellscome to Paradise, the REAL happiest place on Earth, because we all know Disneyland is not it. Brand-eye and Wells recap the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise and reveal all their thoughts and behind the scenes info on who Wells hung out with the most, who Brandi would get with down on the beach, and why ankle socks should absolutely never be worn with sandals... sorry, sad boy Joe. While we did get to see Wells on our screens this week (I mean, at least more than usual), he fills us in on what ended up on the cutting room floor and why the entire cast thinks he is pretty much a bully. The co-hosts come up with the plot of a hot new reality show that we’re going to make Tish get involved with ASAP, and Brandi gives us an update on a non-reality show she’s binging that is such old news that Wells can’t even remember the plot. Plus, the two have some very concerning conversations about how rollercoasters were likely invented and why Wells is convinced there are only three food categories (he’s wrong). Wells and Brandi are switching coasts and heading out on vacays, but they’ll be with you same time next week, YFTers. Until then, comment on IG to tell us the right way to cut our toenails and share your favorite Disney rides!

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