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In this episode of YS Up Governance and Boards Podcast, 3YS Owls Governance Consultants, Ainslie Cunningham and Deb Anderson interview Peter Turnbull AM. Peter is an experienced non-executive director and chair of listed public companies, and has extensive governance experience as a former president, fellow and life member of the Governance Institute of Australia and is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. We explore with Peter his extensive career working for Regulators in Australia and overseas, his executive, NED and Chair roles and the wealth of experience gained over his career to date in the energy and technology commercialisation sectors. The skills required to gain a non-executive director board role, the importance of risk management, keeping governance simple, people and open and transparent communication in every business, Peter’s extensive contribution to Governance both nationally and internationally, executive remuneration, culture and so much more.

“Look, it's nice in the sense that we're a global community. I see a lot of the things that we grapple with and talk about here. For instance, Canada, the UK, people are talking about the same things in most countries. The Chartered Governance Institute has nine divisions around the world. We have about 30,000 members and a 120-year history. It gives you a really good vantage point to see what others are doing, and talking about, and worrying about. They're very similar. Some of the things we've talked about here already, they're the same sorts of things. Particularly during 2020, how do we hold virtual meetings? What are the regulators prepared to do and not do? Will some of these things become permanent? Exactly the same, particularly in the UK, Canada, but even Africa. They're talking about the same sorts of things in Southern Africa and Zimbabwe. It's really great because we can... At the global level, we share a lot. We share what our different regulators are doing. We share many of our own solutions that we've come up with. We try not to reinvent the wheel, so to speak each time.
That's one of the things I'm really trying to encourage as president at the minute. Make sure we're sharing what we've already done and invented and rolled out. But it's a very high level of discussion on the same sorts of things around the world.”
– Peter Turnbull AM

Summary of episode
· Peter’s appointment as a Member of the Order of Australia in June 2020 (as announced in the Queen's Birthday 2020 Honours List), for services to business administration and corporate governance institutes
· General vantage point of Peter’s global view on governance and being very involved as a Chair/Director and in the global governance community
· Learnings from 2020 and the key risks for 2021
· Strategy and risk management
· Ways that a board can reconnect with middle management
· Board Skills Matrix as a useful tool for succession planning
· Non-executive Director Recruitment and search consultants
· NED Roles on ASX listed entities
· Executive Roles with ASX Listed Newcrest Mining Limited (ASX:NCM) & Energex Limited
· The transition from C-Suite executive to board member
· The importance of focusing on Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) issues, culture and Diversity on Boards
· Artificial Intelligence (AI), innovation and technology disruption

About Peter Turnbull AM
Peter is an experienced NED and chair, with substantial commercial, governance and senior executive experience across a range of sectors, including technology commercialisation, mining, oil and gas and industrial manufacturing. Peter is a non-executive director of Karoon Energy Limited (ASX:KAR), chair of Calix Limited (ASX:CXL), a non-executive director of the Governance Institute of Australia and president of The Chartered Governance Institute, which is established under a royal charter, and based in London.
Peter is also a member of the corporate governance consultative panel of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Prior to taking on non-executive positions, Peter held senior legal commercial and governance positions, with several top 50 ASX companies, and has also worked in senior roles for regulatory authorities in Australia and Hong Kong, including as a director of corporate finance with the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.
Peter is a former President, Fellow and Life Member of the Governance Institute of Australia and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Former positions include an adjunct professor role at the University of Queensland (Institute of Molecular Bioscience), president of Corporate Secretaries International Association (CSIA), based in Geneva, and a member of ASIC’s Director Advisory Panel in Australia. Peter has degrees in law and economics from the University of Melbourne.

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