Managing an acquisition remotely during a pandemic with David Johnstone


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In this episode of YS Up Governance and Boards Podcast, 3YS Owls Governance Consultants, Ainslie Cunningham and Deb Anderson explore with David Johnstone the successful integration following the acquisition by Envirosuite Limited of EMS Brüel Kjaer remotely during the pandemic and David’s role as a non-executive chair and executive director.

“It's been a really good lesson for not only boards, I think for management that ... if you're outcomes based, you can get those outcomes without having to be in an office environment all the time and especially under the circumstances when you're trying to merge companies. I was very concerned that we wouldn't be able to effect it in the 90 days that the team had given themselves. But, I think our focus from the start was on the well-being of our staff and building a resilient culture, I think by doing that we hit the 90 day period that we wanted to integrate those businesses and most of the staff are coming along for the ride now.”
David Johnstone

Summary of episode
· Envirosuite Limited (ASX:EVS) - who are out to empower mankind to reduce environmental impact
· How EVS successfully integrated a significant acquisition remotely during the pandemic
· Air, noise, water and vibration monitoring software
· Environmental intelligence and environmental monitoring solutions
· The role as a director on Board’s during a pandemic
· Sporting sector technology
· The relationship between the chair and CEO
· Board reporting
· Diversity and board skills
· Virtual board meetings
· Strategy
· Developing a resilient culture

David is an experienced Executive, NED and Chair who has been actively involved in business for more than 35 years; successfully starting, owning and operating a vast range of businesses. With experience gained nationally and internationally in tech start-ups, selling, licensing, merging and acquiring businesses, having also arranged funding for management buy outs along with the successful placement/listing of companies on the London Stock Exchange and the Australian Stock Exchange.
He is a keen investor, chair and advisor to various technology companies in the communications, finance, insurance, risk management and sporting sectors which are investing and advancing technology to the forefront of their respective industries.
David gained executive experience in international growth companies as CEO of Professional Investment Services LTD (ASX:CAF), Bartercard Ltd (ASX:BPS) and PR Finance Ltd, he brings immense knowledge and commercial sensibility to any business or board.

Specialties: Financial Services, Investment, Corporate Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Negotiations, Leadership, Mentoring and Non-Executive Director/Chair.

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